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Full walkthrough and video review for 2021 version (in spanish)
Congrats for the game. I couldn't stop until I beat it with no death

full version is pretty nice!

Hello Filipe, I needed to talk to you.

My name is Ricardo and I write for a Spanish video game website, the people at Incube8 Games gave me a copy of Fix my Heart to do an analysis, but in Remix mode there is an area of the game, scene 3 (or 1-3) in which I must rise with the propeller and I cannot overcome the part where there are needles on the ceiling and on the floor because it requires millimeter precision and I have already tried it millions of times without success.

I need to know if you designed this like this on purpose, or if it is an outdated version of the rom.

It's hard to believe that a game has such an impossible level of difficulty, because it is truly impossible to beat.

This part of the game was made to be really difficult, but not impossible, I haven't seen anyone talk about this part before, maybe it's a bug?

Contact me on Twitter so I can help you

Is there another way to contact you?

I never managed to log into Twitter.

man, this game is unbelievably fun. I stumbled on it while testing out some games I had and was immediately sucked in. Minimal but effective graphics and awesome, fast, addicting gameplay!


I died 122 times



The game itself is difficult but the game is so short that the lot of deaths happen in just an instant, which makes it quite light to practice doing it quickly, apart from that, the fact that there are multiple endings motivates you to explore it a bit and see how you can improve. (or get worse) in multiple games as you get familiar with the levels or start to feel like your fingers start to hurt from the precision you occupy and the high number of times one has to use the jump button.

An interesting theme in the game is that all the endings where one seeks to further extend one's existence feel like bad endings, the protagonist has long since passed his natural life with an artificial heart and every scenario where one survives is full of regret and desire. to reach the end. Only when the end of life is accepted is when one is freed from regrets and can rest in peace with the time he has had to live, whether it is saving a young woman who has her life ahead of her or simply stop running and admiring the beautiful night sky for the last time.

Definitely a good game.

i love fix my heart! thank you so much for this game, felipe. my best run came down to 7 deaths, ignoring endings 5 and 6 of course. could i get a hint for ending 2 though? i can't seem to find it anywhere!

Don't touch the gem

I saw your message about your remake. It will be free ? i loved fix my heart. On twitter, you only talk about your remake. Do you have other projects ?

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Hello! Thanks for the kind words!

Fix My Heart Remake won't be free, and at the moment I'm just working on the remake, as soon as I finish the game I'll start new projects .

Is the remake the version available on incube8 games?

hey, i got ending 6 and i wonder, does that count to the leaderboard with 1 death?

hahaha, of course no


yesss, 75 deaths and i got a picture of it :D. short game, fast presition platformer. love it, great game and the gameplay is realy good. and i love the look of it



love these types of games but how do i get ending 3-6? i only see ways to get 1 and 2. btw my highscore so far is 97 (deaths) im pretty sure


It is not the first time that I am here playing this game. Haha! It is very fun! Cant wait to see your remake! 


I enjoyed this quite a bit! The edge of panic you have with the timer sets a really great tone. Simple but very effective!

Thank you!



this is a well thought out game, the story is simple but interesting, the gameplay is extremely frustrating but fun, and the idea of the mechanical heart just struck me incredibly.

keep making games like these


Thank you so much for this feedback!

Tough stuff! It's fun (and impressive) to see a hardcore quick platform on GB. The 1-bit (1.5bit ?) style really helps here - everything is very clear which is crucial for this kind of game. Nice work to you and the team!

Thank you!

At the moment I'm working in a remake of this game, so stay tuned for news!

Will do


this game is amazing! music and sprites are so cute and mechanics work well. love ur games man!


Thank you for the kind words!


An excelent game, very dinamic and good idea the stuff of the heart.

Thank you!


Got 44 deaths, pretty good for first time! This was a pretty cool game! Much more smooth with gravity and the multiple endings were neat! Although I only found the two for the main quest, I can only presume you can get a ending for not failing the beginning jump, but its hard to pull off and I have to reset to get another attempt.

i cant play it, the "start" button doesn't work when the "watch cut-senes screen appears..

it's not start button, it's button A or B

hah, ok thx!


this GAME IS playable 

i like it

Thank you :)


so on my 10th or so attempt i got 19 deaths, also i would like to say that this game is really well made and that the 6 endings where very creative, i feel like there is definitely possibility for new endings or something when you do come out with the next update 

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Keep an eye on my twitter for updates!!

This is a good game, but the controls make me want to scream. you jump with K and move with <- and ->. Why couldn't it just be wasd of the arrow keys

I made the game imagining that it would be better to use the arrow keys and X to jump.

Thanks for the comment


Died more times than I'm willing to admit but it was so much fun! Short and sweet game, absolutely amazing <3

Thank you so much!!

I'm very glad you liked it!

that red guy in the beginning labeled 2021-2021, is he the new year from Where is new year series by Mateusz Skutnik?

No hahaha It's a character from a game I made and lost it to a virus.


Hardcore! =) 

DId you liked it?

is there an explanation on how you get each ending,i can only get the first two 

In the comments below you can find tips from other people :D


I like it how you did that, but I am (gamer, player) not so big fan of hardcore games. =)

Good to know!

I'm glad you liked what I did!

But don't worry, I'll still make "easy" and chill games.


made it to end 1/6 with 28 deaths on my first try :D

A great run!


end 1/6 i died 123 times Lmao

1 2 3 haha

thanks for playing!


wht i died 1 time (end 6/6) i think i Discovered a bug


ok nvm is not a bug is a alternative final xD

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Too inertia movements.

In this version of the engine, it was impossible to move without inertia. I'm developing a remake of this game without inertia and more accurate movement.


Amazing game! I was so addicted to this game and although I died 195 times I was still able to make it to the gemstone. The storyline is very good as well and kept me engaged through the entirety of the game. Fantastic Job!


very nice game

i got 57 deaths

also was that the sonic spinball boss theme playing in the background?

Hahaha Nice!

The music is not the same, maybe similar lol


Thx for the game.

I thank you!

Deleted 1 year ago


Deleted 1 year ago

I'm not planning to make a direct sequel to this game, in the future I plan to make some game in the same style, but with different mechanics and story.


Really fun game! I have always loved your art and I enjoyed every second of this game. I didn't know you could get more endings! Gonna replay this baby a lot! Great work Filipe!

Thank you very much!!

I'm very glad you liked my game!!!! :)

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Bug report:

The variable that count the number of death and the variable that store if you found the child are not reseted at the start of the run. Or at the very least they are not reseted if you skip the cutscene. 

This bug send me on a loop because I couldn't find endings 1 and 2. I had to reload the page to clean the variables and find those endings

On a similar note I had made a decent run with less than 50 death and I get more than 100 deaths, because deaths are not reseted. 

I haven't tried playing the cutscene to test if is the cutscene the issue. Also I don't know if the issues is in browser version only.

Update: playing the cutscene doesn't help either.


Thank you very much for the report, bug already fixed.
Unfortunately I can't add the game on the page as it's a jam, as soon as possible I'll update the game :)


Yes I do get that it is a thing during Jams, but at least now I understand why I had 2 endings missing.


Great concept, great execution! Love it.

Thank you so much!


Great game! Really sucked me in. Definitely stresses me out to play, but I guess that's deliberate :)

I'm glad you liked!

And yes, the goal was to make you die a lot hahaha :)


Yeah. This is really fun to play! :)

Thank you dude!

It became one of my favorite gbcompo games. Just finished (end 1/6, 40 deaths) on real hardware today! :)

40 deaths is good!


Finally, I beat the game and found 6 of the 6 endings!

OMG really?


Any clue for Endings 1 and 2? 

I found them

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