"Explore this cave to find either life or death - and nothing else"


Move  - Arrows

Action - A or Z

Jump - B or X

Start - Enter


Improved controls

This is a simple and short "precision plataformer/speedrun" game for Gameboy

Write a comment with the number of deaths you had, I'll be making a leadboard!

Game for GBcompo21, made in 10 days.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Lipote

Music credit:




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so on my 10th or so attempt i got 19 deaths, also i would like to say that this game is really well made and that the 6 endings where very creative, i feel like there is definitely possibility for new endings or something when you do come out with the next update 

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Keep an eye on my twitter for updates!!

This is a good game, but the controls make me want to scream. you jump with K and move with <- and ->. Why couldn't it just be wasd of the arrow keys

I made the game imagining that it would be better to use the arrow keys and X to jump.

Thanks for the comment


Died more times than I'm willing to admit but it was so much fun! Short and sweet game, absolutely amazing <3

Thank you so much!!

I'm very glad you liked it!

that red guy in the beginning labeled 2021-2021, is he the new year from Where is new year series by Mateusz Skutnik?

No hahaha It's a character from a game I made and lost it to a virus.


Hardcore! =) 

DId you liked it?

is there an explanation on how you get each ending,i can only get the first two 

In the comments below you can find tips from other people :D

Deleted 7 days ago

Thank you dude!


I like it how you did that, but I am (gamer, player) not so big fan of hardcore games. =)

Good to know!

I'm glad you liked what I did!

But don't worry, I'll still make "easy" and chill games.


made it to end 1/6 with 28 deaths on my first try :D

A great run!


end 1/6 i died 123 times Lmao

1 2 3 haha

thanks for playing!


wht i died 1 time (end 6/6) i think i Discovered a bug


ok nvm is not a bug is a alternative final xD

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Too inertia movements.

In this version of the engine, it was impossible to move without inertia. I'm developing a remake of this game without inertia and more accurate movement.


Amazing game! I was so addicted to this game and although I died 195 times I was still able to make it to the gemstone. The storyline is very good as well and kept me engaged through the entirety of the game. Fantastic Job!


very nice game

i got 57 deaths

also was that the sonic spinball boss theme playing in the background?

Hahaha Nice!

The music is not the same, maybe similar lol


Thx for the game.

I thank you!


I had fun with it. Thanks.


Will you make a sequel ?

I'm not planning to make a direct sequel to this game, in the future I plan to make some game in the same style, but with different mechanics and story.


Really fun game! I have always loved your art and I enjoyed every second of this game. I didn't know you could get more endings! Gonna replay this baby a lot! Great work Filipe!

Thank you very much!!

I'm very glad you liked my game!!!! :)

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Bug report:

The variable that count the number of death and the variable that store if you found the child are not reseted at the start of the run. Or at the very least they are not reseted if you skip the cutscene. 

This bug send me on a loop because I couldn't find endings 1 and 2. I had to reload the page to clean the variables and find those endings

On a similar note I had made a decent run with less than 50 death and I get more than 100 deaths, because deaths are not reseted. 

I haven't tried playing the cutscene to test if is the cutscene the issue. Also I don't know if the issues is in browser version only.

Update: playing the cutscene doesn't help either.


Thank you very much for the report, bug already fixed.
Unfortunately I can't add the game on the page as it's a jam, as soon as possible I'll update the game :)


Yes I do get that it is a thing during Jams, but at least now I understand why I had 2 endings missing.


Great concept, great execution! Love it.

Thank you so much!


Great game! Really sucked me in. Definitely stresses me out to play, but I guess that's deliberate :)

I'm glad you liked!

And yes, the goal was to make you die a lot hahaha :)


Yeah. This is really fun to play! :)

Thank you dude!

It became one of my favorite gbcompo games. Just finished (end 1/6, 40 deaths) on real hardware today! :)

40 deaths is good!


Finally, I beat the game and found 6 of the 6 endings!

OMG really?


Any clue for Endings 1 and 2? 

I found them

damn, is that beginning jump actually possible? i'm wondering if its an ending, and if its possible are there any tips to making it?


No, the beginning jump is not a ending.
Look closely at all levels and think outside the box... :)

well theres the crystal, the child, the beginning, is there something i'm forgetting?

the crystal are two, but if you let the child, are more tow finals in the cystal...
but have one more secret

and that is staying at the beginning?

the secret final is in the beginning


It's incredibly addictive! ;)

Thanks! : )


took me 104 deaths tho
I had fun thanks!!!

Thank you!!





tough but fair , had a few issues with the jump as mentioned before but enjoyed it

(1 edit)

As soon as possible I will be fixing this problem!

Thanks for the feedback!


I'm really puzzled about the endings. Are ther any clue to see which I'm missing?

Look closely at all levels, think outside the box...


This was fun.


You said that the game was simple. But why not post the gb studio file ? Not everything just the first scenes.


the most important things are in the archive!

(2 edits)

Thank you. This is really nice of you. I just opened the file. I see an engine folder. What's that for ?

I'm going to try to redo a metroidvania that I missed, and I'm thinking of something original to do for Gameboy :)


Had a really good time playing this. I love some tight platforming. Great game :)

Thank you so much!


I feel genuine stress playing this … good stress! Nice work, Filipe!


Thank you!!!

it's very important to me!


Awesome game! The time element on the heart is a good motivator to keep going! Very nice work!


Thank you so much!

I am very happy to read this!


has a nasty tendency to ignore the jump-button (even when the character is standing still)

I imagine this happens because the character is under a very low platform, as the character's hitbox is 16x16, if there is a platform on top he cannot jump


tried again, but that doesn't seem to be the main factor.

However, it seems that the collision system can't differentiate between vertical and horizontal collisions (meaning you can't jump from a corner because the raised step or wall that forms the vertical part is treated as a too-close-to-the-character ceiling)

Thanks for the feedback.
Unfortunately in this version of the GBStudio i can't change the hitbox.

but as soon as the next version comes out I'll fix it as quickly as possible, again, thanks!



Really cool game!

Thank you