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How can i purchase it? The link doesnt work

Muy bueno, tiene potencial!


Congrats on achieving such a beautiful game with such a simple medium!
I Hope to see more games from you down the trail!

- HardDuckman <3

Thank you so much for playing my game!
I loved the video! <3


This is a cool mechanic!  It gets really trippy where the paths wrap around each other.  If you expanded this beyond two characters I would go mad but also that would make for a fantastic puzzle...

Awesome idea but i think it's too short


game is so short

Thanks for the feedback!

I made this game in about 3 days, it was just an idea that I wanted to put into practice, maybe one day I will make a bigger game with this idea!

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great! I would definitely like to see a bigger game with this idea, the mechanic definitely have the potential to be a really good game!


Really nice idea and cool simple game.

Oh my god I did it, I finished it. It's 11:32pm I need to be awake at 6am but I played this because it looked simple, boy I was right but I'm really reestablishing how good I'm at games. Lovely game btw, just very trippy for me especially with the mirror control.


Realy cool game! Could be epic if there is sound


This is awesome. The graphics are *really* good and the gameplay is unique, innovative, and clever

You could make this into a mobile game and it would be a great fit for mobile systems. Could be a hit too


Thank you!


Lovely game. 😊


Thank you so much!