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I don't seem able to purchase this game from this page; there is no purchase or download link present.

Nice game but the character fall so fast 

you actually wright this in c?

No, I use a Drag and Drop engine called GBStudio, which allows me to make games for Gameboy, HTML and Analogue Pocket =D

wow. gbstudios platform physic are normally crappy

yeah, but with some plugins I managed to make the controls a little playable.

may i inquire what you used?


Awesome! love character animation!

Thank you so much dude!


I love the bouncy animation of the running in the platformer! How many frames did the running use?


Thank you Robert!
It is a 6 frames animation


Very smooth! I'm so glad GB Studio supports this so easily now


Great work, I’m going to migrate to GB Studio 3 when I have finished a couple of projects with beta 5.

And have fun exploring GBS3!


With the newly released Analogue Pocket, and the newest update for GB Studios, are you planning to publish the .pocket version of this game? I’d love to be able to play this on my Pocket, so I hope so!


I don't plan on publishing a version of this little demo, but for sure my next games I'm working on I'll make available to Analogue.


Awesome bud! The controls for the platformer feel great. Makes such a differences when the animations have the different states too.

Thank you so much!

Thanks for the review, this mean a lot for me! :D